The Designer

Maria’s childhood has been an interesting journey. She enjoyed spending time with her two sisters and brothers, mostly walking through the woods, playing at the vast arid land of dried swamps, walking at the beach, or making crafts from seeds, leaves, stones and paper. Nature and her early experiences became her inspiration.
Although Maria has an Education degree, she has a very strong passion for the Arts. This had led her to join the Artist Guild, where she honed her talent in sketching and painting. She also started making her own jewellery designs at age 16, using rolled glossy paper from magazines. While making these pieces, she had discovered a passion that would change her life forever.


Maria was blessed with great opportunities to travel almost all parts of Asia and other countries during the early part of her career. Her travels had introduced her to the various cultures and wealth of jewellery designs in Asia and North America.  When she moved to Vancouver over twenty-three years ago, she met local artists and artisans who shared her passion and love for artistic and unique jewellery designs. These meetings had opened doors to endless opportunities. Having access to materials and resources when she travels out of town or out of the country- from gemstones, precious metals, glass beads, lampwork glass beads- this has rekindled her passion to create jewellery.

NeonAmber Jewels is Maria’s passion and inspiration… her endless desire to create something special for others to enjoy and share their innate beauty with. Her collections are inspirations derived from nature, people, special occasions and events in life. Her works are representation of modern and fun designs and with touch of Asian cultures, which she refers as ”her precious roots”. She uses quality materials and  makes each piece a “treasure to enjoy”. Each creation is beaded with love and passion… each piece has a story to tell… Wouldn’t it be special to be yours she’s beading next?

Welcome to NeonAmber Jewels … the passion and inspiration of Maria Castro.