Chunky Carnelian Necklace


Carnelian stone is being used from thousand years ago and believed to be one of the oldest stones in the history. Legend has it that Egyptians believed that this stone revitalizes their bodies and soul and has been used  as a “magic armor” for life after death. They believe that this stone will open the path to the next world. Even today, it is believed that carnelian possesses “energizing” power that promotes zest for life.  This necklace is inspired to give energy and zest to the wearer. Chunky faceted carnelian stone hangs joyfully with sterling silver spacers and chains. This piece also showcases chunky faceted stones that is surely a head turner! This will be your ultimate statement piece!

Metaphysical and Healing properties: Carnelian promotes blood circulation and formation of blood cells. It promotes vitality and zest for life helping to stay focus in fulfilling tasks. Very good stone to wear by pregnant women.

Materials: Chunky hand faceted carnelian stones, carnelian nuggets, carnelian chips- all beads and metals are Sterling Silver inluding the rings and closures.

Dimensions: 18 inches long. All metals are Sterling Silver.

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